Jule The Bee spent her formative years pretending there was a camera crew following her. She now resides in the backwoods of Westchester and still, essentially, believes the same. Married to a devastatingly handsome man affectionately known as Bazza; they are raising their two (mostly) well behaved and (more times than not), well-mannered boys, along with their (too smart for his own good) dog Norman. You can find her in her kitchen drinking wine, cooking, dancing and on occasion (ok, ok, most of the time) cursing for her Instagram followers.
Dating getting you down? Friendship in a frenzy? Mother-in-law making you mashugana 🥜? Nothing is off limits. Everything is anonymous.

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Ask The Bee: Game Over

Jule, Recently I had a very difficult situation with a dear friend. It involved our daughters. We had always said that no matter what drama the girls encountered, we wouldn’t let it affect our friendship.  Our girls were friends but…

Ask The Bee: COVID Operation

Dear Bee, LOVING your content. Thank you for keeping us entertained during this crazy time. The new website is amazing!  I’m hoping you’ll pick this letter as the first “Ask the Bee” for the new site! I’m 28 years old and I…