Born in Atlanta, GA. and raised in NJ, Jule The Bee grew up spending her formative years pretending there was a camera crew following her. She now resides in the backwoods of Westchester and still, essentially, believes the same. Married to a devastatingly handsome man affectionately known as Bazza; they are raising their two (mostly) well behaved and (more times than not), well-mannered boys, along with their (too smart for his own good) Golden Cava Doodle, Norman.  

Jule The Bee graduated from the University of Maryland by the skin of her teeth with a BA in Art History. She later went on to graduate with a Culinary Arts degree from The French Culinary Institute in New York City. Upon graduating, it dawned on her that she did not want to be cooking for others on New Year’s Eve or find herself schvitzing in a hot kitchen at 11:30 pm on her own birthday. Her father declared it the most overpriced education on how to make a proper French omelet ever spent, but Jule The Bee knew it would lead to greater opportunities. And it did! Culinary School had taught Jule The Bee something that she wasn’t able to truly hone anywhere else, and that was the art of organization. Success cannot dwell where chaos exists and the bowels of a restaurant kitchen is no exception! With that knowledge tucked firmly under her apron belt, Jule The Bee morphed into a celebrity personal assistant for the next 12 years, fine tuning her paparazzi avoidance skills by pretending they were stalking her.  

These days you can find her in her kitchen drinking wine, cooking, dancing and on occasion (ok, ok, most of the time) cursing for her Instagram followers, while shamelessly (yet strangely comfortably) turning the camera on herself and her immediate family and friends. After all, if a camera crew never materializes, you can always be your own.  

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All illustrations by @courtneycoloring