Ask The Bee: COVID Operation

Dear Bee, LOVING your content. Thank you for keeping us entertained during this crazy time. The new website is amazing!  I’m hoping you’ll pick this letter as the first “Ask the Bee” for the new site! I’m 28 years old and I…


Wanna BEE in the know?
Jule The Bee grew up spending her formative years pretending there was a camera crew following her. She now resides in the backwoods of Westchester and still, essentially, believes the same. These days you can find her in her kitchen drinking wine, cooking, dancing and on occasion (ok, ok, most of the time) cursing for her Instagram followers, while shamelessly (yet strangely comfortably) turning the camera on herself and her immediate family and friends. After all, if a camera crew never materializes, you can always be your own.

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Israel Part 3: Tel Aviv

Tel Aviv – Saturday, August 24th – Thursday, August 29th The Jaffa Hotel, Tel Aviv Let me start with this. There are very few places that I visit where I leave feeling like “wow, I could live here.” Tel Aviv…

Israel Part 1: Jerusalem

Let me start by saying I wasn’t enthused about going to Israel. I know, I know; I feel guilty just writing that, but it’s true. And let’s be honest, Jews do guilt pretty well, and I’m no exception. But our…