Bee Byte: Corn on the Cob a la Bee

Hold the butter, bring on the milk. Trust me on this one.

(Makes 6 ears of corn)

1. Clean and shuck your corn, making sure that all silky threads are removed.

2. Fill a large spaghetti pot with cold water and bring to a gentle rolling boil.

3. Salt the water generously like the Mediterranean.

4. Add half a cup of milk to boiling, salted water (No need to sweat it if you don’t have whole milk. I even used half and half the other night and may never stop! Use what you got as long as it’s not nut milk).

5. Slip corn into gently bubbling water and milk mixture.

6. Turn off heat, clamp your lid on your pot. 

7. And in six minutes, you’re golden!

This corn is so sugar-sweet, you’ll barely need butter. Here’s how I serve it:

Lay two pats of unsalted butter on the bottom of a ceramic serving bowl and season the bottom with sea salt. Transfer piping hot corn straight out of your milky water into your serving bowl and shake to coat. My family loves a dusting of parmesan cheese, too! Serve immediately, alongside my Bee’s Knees Vidalia Onions and an aBEErol Spritz and you’ve got the beginning of a perfect al fresco dining experience right at home, even in your NYC apartment.

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All illustrations by @courtneycoloring

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