Moroccan Lemon Chicken

There is nothing subtle about Ingrid De La Mare-Kenny. Not about her, not about her cooking. Vibrant, colorful, passionate, and obsessed with the peacocks that roam her beloved Morocco, she makes wellness wildly sexy, attainable and straightforward.

You can ask her anything. She is an open book, both in her life and in her kitchen. Just make sure you ask with manners. French manners, S’il vous plaît. She’ll share every beauty secret she has (I’ve snagged a few great ones), talk openly about her time spent in jail 11 years ago (she later won an appeal and was exonerated), and she would give you the teeny tiny Barbie sized shirt right off her back, all the while running a burgeoning wellness empire.

Ingrid is all about women, gut health and feeling beautiful in your skin. Your glowing, healthy skin that is.

I was introduced to her over Instagram by my dear friend Jess. “Are you watching this woman Ingrid in Monaco?” She asked me one day over the phone. “I think she’s going to change my life, change my health.” Immediately I began to tune in. And as the universe usually works, so it seems was everyone else.

It’s hard to find anyone who hasn’t heard about Inulin powder. While she doesn’t produce it, she is the only distributor of European Inulin made from pure Jerusalem artichoke root and is an expert on its benefits. And yes, there is a large difference between Inulin sold on Amazon and “Simply Inulin” sold through Ingrid. And while I won’t spend time on a product push here, I will say that my psoriasis is gone, my nails are no longer cracked and peeling, my hair is the healthiest it’s ever looked and felt, that time of the month has completely changed for the better, and my skin is calm and glowy. Do a deep dive into gut health and you’ll find that the most reputable wellness experts and highly regarded physicians will tell you that overall health stems from the gut. Ingrid wants to get you there while living a life filled with enjoyment and pleasure.

So put on a big pair of sunnies, sit up straight, take your elbows off the table, and let’s make some of Ingrid’s Moroccan Lemon Chicken together.


  • 6 grass-fed chicken breast cutlets

  • A liberal amount of Ingrid’s Simply the Best Ras El Hanout spice (can be found on Ingrid’s site here)

  • 1 tsp cumin

  • 2 tbsp Tajine spice

  • 1 tbsp celery salt

  • A liberal amount of paprika

  • Sea salt and black pepper

  • 2 tbsp ground lemongrass powder

  • Garlic powder sprinkled liberally

  • Half a lemon

  • Shaved lemon zest

  • 4 threads of saffron

  • Pitted green olives

  • Olive oil

  • 2 heaping tbsp Simply Inulin

  • Fresh ginger, optional

  • Turmeric, optional

What You’ll Need:


  • Heat olive oil in pan over medium heat.

  • Place cutlets in olive oil making sure they are evenly spaced.

  • Season chicken liberally with spices.

  • For your saffron broth: In a large coffee mug, add 2 drops of olive oil, 4 threads of saffron, and 1 cup of boiling water.

  • Cook the chicken for 5 minutes on one side, squeeze half a lemon over the chicken, and add saffron broth.

  • Bring sauce up to a gentle simmer. Once the sauce is bubbling, add 2 heaping tablespoons of Ingrid’s Simply Inulin.

  • Turn chicken after 5 minutes.

  • Add 2 hand fulls of pitted green olives, cover pot, and let cook for 20 minutes.

Can’t find a spice? Don’t sweat it. This is one of the many reasons that I love cooking Ingrid’s recipes. Everything is laid back and fun, nothing is rigid and formal.

ReciBEE Adapted From Ingrid De La Mare-Kenny’s Simply the Best Cookbook

Xx Bee

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