The Fashion Blogger Diet

Dear Bee,

I love to shop, but I’m overwhelmed by all the fabulous spring edits. What are your favorite pieces for the spring season? Loving your new website!


Obsessed but Overwhelmed

Dear Obsessed but Overwhelmed,

Last night I lay in bed unable to sleep over this piece. Articles on marriage, friendship, and parenting have flowed out of me these past few weeks since launching this site like Fiber Gold Syrup onto my GG pancakes, but this one literally kept me tossing and turning all night filled with self doubt. Ok, in part the tossing and turning was due to being hyped up on cold meds, but trying to edit my spring favorites down to 5 pieces is no joke. No wonder some of these fashion influencers are so thin. I need to do this more often. Clearly. The Fashion Blogger Diet. I may be on to something here.

Let me start by saying I am not a big shopper. I despise malls, find the major department stores intimidating with terrible lighting (oy, what a bad combo) and if you ever see me in one it’s usually because I was having lunch there (Hi Bergdorf’s!) I can assure you it’s not because I was trying on jeans.

I am a laser focused shopper; meaning I have no trouble marching up to another woman on the street who is wearing killer heels, touching her elbow, telling her she looks fabulous and asking exactly where she got them and what month they were purchased. That’s my favorite way to shop. Shopping 101 Bee Style. Grab arm, compliment with sincerity, track down item, buy, done!

Then there’s “on a mission” shopping. For example, there’s a wedding coming up in 3 months Jule, you need a dress AND….GO! But shopping for pleasure. Nah. Shopping with intent and purpose, YES!

I think motherhood and living in the woods has kinda sucked the joy out of shopping for me. There’s just been other stuff to focus on and let’s be honest, my daytime uniform is usually made up of a SoulCycle onesie and Saturday evenings out are generally black pants or nice jeans.

But every once in awhile (ok, every season) I fall in love with a few key pieces that seem to pull me towards them with a gravitational force and allow me to shrug off that onesie with excitement. This spring is no different, and the ease of online shopping combined with equally easy returns almost makes shopping a pleasure. Almost.

  1. MadeWorn Tee

    Julie Lauren, the host of the podcast “Hashtag No Filter” turned dear friend, introduced me to these deliciously soft vintage inspired rock n roll tees. One will BEE mine. (Maybe the Guns n Roses Military Jacket too!)

  2. Veronica Beard Beverly Skinny Flare Jeans

    Meet my new Saturday night go-to jean. This jean takes me back to my roller skating days, a mini Jule the Bee clad in dark blue, skin tight Jordache jeans, lavender pom poms bouncing on white skates. F*ck, I loved those jeans (much to my proper southern mama’s dismay) – I begged for those jeans for months. This modern day version elongates your legs (important when you’re 5’1) and would make Farrah Fawcett proud. I’m obsessed. For more sizes and similar styles, see below.

  3. Loeffler Randall Black Maria Beaded Heart Tote

    Loeffler Randall is a brand that, thus far, has existed in my closet only in the form of shoes. Welcome to the party “Maria Beaded Heart Tote”! This little double-strapped, beaded ragged trimmed heart bag is just the right amount of feminine and edge. The best part is even in the smallest of closets there’s room for its sister in rose gold. For me, it’s a toss up between the two and it would be mean to separate them!

  4. Roxanne Assoulin Rainbow Lite Enamel Bracelets

    Roxanne Assoulin’s brightly hued playful enamel bracelets have been on my radar for a while now. Her rainbow brite, candy inspired jewelry make wearing pops of color a little less frightening. They’re the perfect accessory for those who live in a uniform of black, whites and neutrals. Paired with a crisp white button down, her jewelry is a stack of shiny, tiled joy.

  5. Aquazarra Evita Leopard Print Platform Sandals

    My beautiful and talented aunt, Audrey Landers, starred in “A Chorus Line the Movie” when I was a little girl. These knotted, leopard print stacked high heels remind me of her dancing shoes in her sexy, leggy performance of “Tits and Ass.” Fun Jule the Bee fact: Audrey’s co-star Michael Douglas (click for photo here) years later became my boss. Hee Hee Hee.

As much as I hate shopping, this actually turned out to be so much fun! Stepping on the scale this morning, however, was not. So, if I’m going to fit into these Veronica Beard jeans, we might have to do this again soon. The good news is, the bag and shoes always fit. 😉

Xx Bee

P.S. Nana didn’t know this, but you can click any of the links above to shop, as well as scroll through the related photos below.

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